Ourafilmes releases M/S EQ, Ranger and Ranger LE free VST effects

October 14, 2012 in News with 0 Comments

Ourafilmes has released M/S EQ, Ranger and Ranger LE free VST effects for Windows.

M/S EQ is a mid-sides multi-band processor. It splits the signal in low and high bands and allows you to process, separately, the mid and sides gain level of both bands. Ranger is a very simple effect that allows you to remove wanted frequencies and saturate the resulting signal, while Ranger LE is a smaller, cut down version of Ranger.

The three effects are available for free as a part of the Ourafilmes Facebook Free Pack. This means that you need to be a “fan” of the Ourafilmes Facebook page to download this.

Aaron Jasinski releases Spice & Sand a free Dune BE sound bank

October 12, 2012 in Featured, News, Presets with 0 Comments

Aaron Jasinski has released Spice & Sand, a free sound bank for the freeware Dune Beat Edition virtual synthesizer by Synapse Audio. Spice & Sand has 44 presets of drums, basses, strings, pads, and other stuff.

Dune BE

Free sound bank for Dune BE

Spice & Sand sound bank is avaialble for free at Dropbox.

Samsara Cycle Audio releases REV-B free reverb plug-in

October 9, 2012 in News with 0 Comments
Samsara Cycle Audio has released REV-B a free easy to use and intuitive reverb plug-in in VST format.
REV-B a free reverb plug-in

REV-B a free reverb plug-in

REV-B features:
  • Dry and Wet Signal Level
  • Width Control
  • Reverb side EQ section
  • Dampen Control
  • Graphic Reverb Size and Pan
  • Midi Learn

REV-B is available for free as a a VST plug-in for Windows at Samsara Cycle Audio.

BA Tech updates QLOR coloration EQ to v1.1

October 8, 2012 in News with 0 Comments

BA Tech has updated QLOR, a free 2 band coloring EQ in VST plug-in format to v1.1. QLOR features a High Frequency shelf boost/cut 15dB at 5kHz, 10kHz, or 20kHz band and a Low Frequency shelf boost/cut 15db at 50Hz, 80Hz, or 160Hz. QLOR can be used as a classic program EQ for final mix and buss.

QLOR coloring EQ

QLOR coloring EQ

QLOR v1.1 Changes:

  • Improved GUI
  • optimized DSP code

QLOR is available for free as a VST plugin for WIndows at BA Tech.

Whitebox releases Ambibell Max For Live instrument

October 8, 2012 in News with 0 Comments

Whitebox has announced the release of Ambibell their first original Max For Live Instrument.

Inspired by Ableton Live’s Ambient and Evolving instruments, Whitebox have added their own take on the format with a bell-tone generator with pitch-drop, reverb, delay and a “droplet” stereo filter effect.

Ambibell bell-tone generator

Ambibell bell-tone generator

Ambibell MIDI instrument is free and available for any user of Ableton Live 8 and Max For Live at Whitebox.

xoxos releases Element VST a loop modulating wav player

October 6, 2012 in News with 0 Comments
Element VST loop modulating wav player

Element VST loop modulating wav player

xoxos has released Element, a loop modulating wav player (known as a “sampler”) which loads a single 8-, 16- or 24-bit wav.

Element allows the user to select alternate interpolation, crossfade, looping and a variety of filter modes.

Element features:

  • wrap mode looping (‘normal looping’) with crossfade.
  • bounce mode looping (forward-reverse).
  • two crossfade modes.. fixed time (up to 1s) or loop relative (up to entire length of loop).
  • 4 interpolation modes: floor (‘none’), linear, cubic and hermit.
  • emulated downsampling.
  • loop position can modulate filter cutoff.
  • a bunch of filter modes (low, band, high, cut, peak in moog, svf or biquad).
  • curveable envelopes and stuff.
  • modulating start/end (loop or otherwise) reverses playback if end is lower than start.
  • 8 voices poly.

Element is available for free as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows. It comes with two GUIs and can be downloaded here.

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