Hypercube Softwares updates Universal Patch Finder to v1.3

March 25, 2013 in News with 0 Comments

Hypercube Softwares has updated Universal Patch Finder to version 1.3. Universal Patch Finder is a free standalone and VST plug-in for Windows that allows you to index any kind of patch (Kontakt, REX, WAV, AIFF) from your favorite audio libraries.

Changes in Universal Patch Finder v1.3:

  • Allow library relocation.
  • Some libraries tagging bugs fixed.
  • Empty audio buffers after playing without loop.
  • Allow patches with. at the beginning.
  • Allow MIDI patches inside Kontakt libraries.

Universal Patch Finder features:

  • Wallpaper editor with 3 layers and shadow masking
  • 20 tags to organize your libraries
  • Audio preview of REX, WAV and AIFF
  • Preview in sync with your VST Host
  • Can run in standalone or VST
  • Extract Geist patterns from any REX file
  • Available in 64 bits and 32 bits
  • Complete tagging system for patches
  • Popular tag databases import: Mediabay and Kontakt tags
  • Auto-tagging Plugins in C# scripts, .NET assemblies or native DLL

Universal Patch Finder is available for free as a VST plug-in for 32/64-bit Windows at Hypercube Softwares.

Xen-Arts releases XenFont free microtonal synthesizer

March 19, 2013 in News with 0 Comments
XenFont microtonal soundfont & subtractive synthesis VST

XenFont microtonal soundfont & subtractive synthesis

Xen-Arts has released XenFont, a two oscillator, hybrid SF2 SoundFont & Subtractive Synthesis VST plug-in. It features full-controller MIDI pitch microtuning using the MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard) format, where any MIDI Note Number can be freely microtuned to any desired pitch across the MIDI range, enabling computer musicians and composers to explore the possibilities of composing music with alternative intonation systems.

XenFont is a microtonal sound-designer’s SF2 sample-based synthesizer, with a carefully designed ergonomic workflow for creating powerful sounding and musical useful timbres. The instrument enables users to load their own SF2 SoundFont files and thereby any special timbres required of the music at hand, from classical acoustic instruments, to synthesized ones. Routing the SF2 SoundFont Oscillators through the internal synthesis functions of the VSTi, provides a way to radically transform the original sounds and create new synthesized timbres.

In addition XenFont is designed to be an educational tool for learning about computer music sound-design, sampling and subtractive sound synthesis, as well as musical instrument intonation (aka microtuning and xenharmonics).

XenFont embodies a design philosophy of simplicity for microtonal music sound-design:

  • Enables computer musicians and composers to freely load their own SF2 SoundFonts into a fully microtonal, hybrid sampling & subtractive synthesis based VSTi.
  • A ‘knob-less’ design featuring slider controls only, which enables intuitive direct control with a computer mouse.
  • A dedicated control signal system mapped to the most important synthesis functions.
  • Settings are made by typing values into fields, dropdown lists, left-and-right arrows, switches and sliders.
  • Enables musicians to specify precise microtonal pitch-bend settings.
  • Features arbitrary microtonal oscillator transposition settings.
  • Velocity modulation of harmonics enables dynamically playing harmonics of the fundamental pitch.
  • Envelope generators with per-stage ADSR keyboard tracking.

Oscillator Section

  • Two Soundfont Oscillators that enable users to load their own SF2 files.
  • Microtonal, Harmonic Series and Subharmonic Series Oscillator Transposition.
  • Pitch Envelope Generator with Per-Stage ADSR Keyboard Tracking and Polarity Switching.
  • Host Synchronized LFO (with Rate Sequencer) for Cross-Fade Modulation between Oscillators.
  • Analog Pitch Drift Emulator with both Unipolar and Bipolar Modulation.
  • Velocity-to-Harmonics Modulation enables oscillators to dynamically sound harmonics of the fundamental pitch.
  • Ring Modulation.
  • Oscillator and Ring Modulator Mixer with Six Cross-Fade Modes.

Filter Section

  • Pre-Filter Saturation Stage with 20 Saturation Types.
  • Two Independent Filters with Six Filter Types: LP4, LP2, HPF, BPF, BRF, APF.
  • One and Two Stage Filter Cascade.
  • Host Synchronized LFO (with Rate Sequencer) and Envelope Generator for Filter Cutoff Frequency Modulation.
  • Filter Envelope Generator with Per-Stage ADSR Keyboard Tracking and Polarity Switching.
  • LFO and Envelope Generator enables both Unipolar and Bipolar Filter Modulation.

VCA Section

  • Dedicated Envelope Generator.
  • VCA Envelope Generator with Per-Stage ADSR Keyboard Tracking.
  • Switchable Velocity Sensitivity and Fixed Volume Control.

Performance Control

  • MIDI Pitch Microtuning with MTS (MIDI Tuning Standard).
  • MTS Support for both Single Note and Bulk Dump.
  • Loads MTS Microtuning Format Files Internally and Receives MTS Externally.
  • Local (Per-Patch) and Global Microtuning (Static Microtuning for All Patches).
  • Microtunings can be loaded from any directory on hard drives or storage devices connected to the computer.
  • Ten Note Polyphonic.
  • Monophonic Legato Mode.
  • Polyphonic Portamento with Three Glide Modes.
  • Microtonal Pitch Bend.
  • Vibrato.
  • Effects include Chorus, Flanger, Phasers, Warm Filter and Stereo Ensemble.

XenFont is available for free as VST plug-in for windows at Xen-Arts.

Beat releases Roaar a free Arturia MiniBrute sound library for Zampler

March 19, 2013 in Featured, News, Presets with 0 Comments

Zampler Roaar sound packBeat has released a free sound library of 12 presets by Marco Scherer for their free sample player Zampler. The 250 MB sound library provides sounds made with the MiniBrute analog synthesizer by Arturia that can be used in many electronic music styles.

Zampler is a sample workstation plug-in developed by Synapse Audio for Beat magazine. Available for WIndows and Mac OS X in VST/AU format.

Roaar Sound-Kit for Zampler is available for free at Beat Zampler.

Aquest releases AquesTone 2 free vocal synthesizer

March 11, 2013 in Featured, News with 0 Comments

Aquest has released AquesTone2, a free VST instrument. AquesTone 2 is a vocal synthesizer VST instrument. You will be able to easily generate the singing voice information from a text and MIDI lyrics. You can also use a MIDI keyboard for real-time performance.

AquesTone 2 free vocal synthesizer

AquesTone 2 free vocal synthesizer

AquesTone 2 features:

  • Real-time generation of a singing voice from MIDI data and a lyrics file.
  • Lyrics file can be edited with a text editor (uses ASCII or Shift JIS character code).
  • Uses Japanese full phoneme set.
  • Polyphonic Chorus
  • Low CPU usage.

Aquestone 2 is available for free as VST plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X at Aquest.

WOK releases FLAN-W free flanger plug-in

March 8, 2013 in News with 0 Comments

WOK has released FLAN-W, a free flanger VST effect plug-in for Windows.

FLAN-W offers a typical flanging effect designed to give extra spice to guitar, drums or vocals. The speed, depth and feedback of the effect can be adjusted in a wide range.

Flan-w a free flanger effect

Flan-w a free flanger effect

FLAN-W is available for free as VST plug-in for Windows from WOK.

Schema Factor updates MIDIMapperX free MIDI mapping plug-in to v1.0.0.4

March 8, 2013 in News with 0 Comments
MIDIMapperX free MIDI mapping plug-in

MIDIMapperX free MIDI mapping plug-in

Schema Factor has released version of MIDIMapperX a free MIDI mapping plug-in.

MIDIMapperX is a Windows VST plug-in that allows the user to map any MIDI Note On/Off event to an arbitrary sequence of bytes. This allows the user to send SysEx, MIDI Machine Control, or other custom message to any custom or non-standard MIDI device in their arsenal, from any DAW.

Changes in version

  • Larger window.
  • Key mixups fixed and limits removed.
  • New option to pass All MIDI on/off events thru, even those with mappings.
    (Mappings will be appended in this mode).
  • Graphic feedback of when the maps are triggered. Green=On, Red=Off.
  • Auto-increment of Trigger Note # when adding new ones.

MIDIMapperX is available for free as a VST plug-in for Windows at Schema Factor.

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