Acrobatics releases Forbice a free auto-filter plug-in

November 7, 2012 in Featured, News with 0 Comments

Acrobatics has released Forbice a free auto-filter VST plug-in. Forbice is a stereo filtering module providing maximum tools for audio cutting and mangling, whether they are drumloops, voice or instrument recordings or audio samples.
The full-stereo and flexible architecture allows complex configurations of parameters and true musical interaction of envelope and filters with user audio input contents.

Forbice by Acrobatics Software

Forbice by Acrobatics Software

Forbice Features:

  • Two channels -12/-24/-36/-48 dB LowPass filter.
  • Fast AHR envelope.
  • Keytracking and full-featured LFO modulation.
  • Synchronized or free running LFO.
  • High-pass resonant filter.
  • Bitcrushing and distortion stages.
  • Full MIDI control.
  • Flexible routing of signal with additional balance, mix and dynamics fine-tune processing.

Forbice is available for free as a VST plug-in for Windows at Acrobatics.

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