CWI Technology releases TX16Wx Software Sampler 2.0 beta

October 15, 2012 in Featured, News with 0 Comments

CWI Technology has released a public beta of TX16Wx 2.0, a free software sampler instrument for Windows. Version 2.0 (beta) adds a completely new, re-sizable graphical user interface, complete with unlimited Undo/Redo and context sensitive help. A built-in file browser and improved drag-and-drop based work flow makes the instrument easy and quick to get started with.

Three new step sequencer modulators and several new modulation sources and destinations adds to the sound tweaking abilities of the instrument, and improved beat slicing and sample editing tools together with interactive loop cross fading make TX16Wx a complete sampling workstation.

TX16Wx free professional VSTi sampler

TX16Wx free professional VSTi sampler

TX16Wx Software Sampler 2.0 features:

  • Multitimbral, Multi-out operation
  • Built in browser
  • Extensive modulation and sound shaping
  • Full Undo/Redo
  • Loop slicing + MIDI export
  • Built-in sample editor with extensive tools and sound shaping
  • Samples audio straight into the sampler.
  • Imports many wave and sample bank formats
  • Graphical mapping editor with automatic sample layout
  • Full drag & drop
  • 64-bit support

TX16Wx 2.0 beta is available for free as a VST plug-in for 32/64-bit Windows at CWi Technology.

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