ExperimentalScene updates DGenR8 free drum machine to v4.0.7

September 26, 2012 in News with 0 Comments
DGenR8 drum machine

DGenR8 drum machine

ExperimentalScene has updated DGenR8 plugin to v4.0.7. DGenR8 is a free, virtual analog drum machine in the style of Roland’s TR Series, in particular the Roland TR-909, with 11 voices and controls that mimic the TR-909. All voices are completely synthesized using digital algorithms that model the operation of analog circuitry within a drum machine so they sound authentic and are easily tweaked using the controls.

Changes in DGenR8:

  • Fixed a bug in DGenR8 VST which caused the VST Host to crash when the amount of samples processed per block were changed by the host.

DGenR8 is available to download for free as a VST plugin for Windows at ExperimentalScene.

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