JB VST bundle of 14 plug-ins by Jeroen Breebaart is now free

November 2, 2012 in Featured, News with 0 Comments

JB VST bundleJeroen Breebaart has announced that its old VST plug-ins for Windows are now free as a bundle.

JB VST plugin bundle include:

  • Auditor Pro a zero-latency metering plug-in
  • Barricade Pro a multi-factor limiter
  • FSynth Pro an audio resynthesizer effect
  • Isone Pro a binaural simulator
  • Red Phatt Pro a dynamics processor
  • Smash Pro a spectral processor
  • Barricade a brick wall limiter
  • Ferox a tape saturation effect
  • Broadcast a dynamics processor
  • SEND a spectrum enhancer
  • Omniverb a reverberation
  • Omnisone a spatial image processor
  • PC-2 a psychoacoustic compressor
  • TimeMachine a vintage samplers effect

JB VST bundle is avaialable for free in VST plug-in format for Windows at Jeroen Breebaart.

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