Lostin70s releases Devil’s Compressor a free compressor / limiter plug-in

September 10, 2012 in News with 0 Comments
Devil’s Compressor

Devil’s Compressor

Lostin70s releases Devil’s Compressor a high quality compressor/limiter with low delay. There are no limitation so putting the attack and release to 0, the ratio to 1/24 threshold to -30 will produce distortion. Devil’s Compressor plugin has been developed originally for guitar live playing but is suitable also in mix.

Devil’s Compressor features:

  • Attack between 0 and 120 ms.
  • Release between 0 and 600 ms.
  • Input level to output level Ratio between 1/1 and 1/24.
  • Threshold from with the compressor is active between (0 and -30 dB).
  • Gain make up.
  • An high pass filter can be added on source signal in order to compute energy (it does not acts on output).
  • 3 VU meters (input, output, attenuation level) with clipping led.

Devil’s Compressor is available to download for free as a 32/64 bit plug-in for Windows at Lostin70s.

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