Tone2 Audiosoftware releases Firebird 2.0 synthesizer plug-in as freeware

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Firebird Harmonic Content Morphing synthesizer

Firebird Harmonic Content Morphing synthesizer

Tone2 Audiosoftware has updated its Firebird synthesizer plugin to version 2.0 and released it as freeware (previously $79). FireBird features Harmonic Content Morphing (HCM) synthesis. Featuring an impressive selection of 437 build-in sounds, representing both highly sought-after VA sounds, as well as sounds more specific to Firebird and characterized by its Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis, breathing both life and dynamics into the sounds.

New features and enhancements:

  • Enhanced sound: Less aggressive treble, more smooth.
  • Ultra quality is selected by default.
  • Lower CPU because of SSE2 support.
  • Faster loading and saving of songs.
  • Smart installer which automatically detects the correct location.
  • Enhanced host compatibility.
  • Accidentally visiting the website by clicking on the logos is not longer possible.
  • Reworked some graphics.
  • First patch was clipping in some hosts.


  • The product is now freeware (previously $79).
  • Keyfile is not longer required.
  • Iqm is switched to off by default.

Further notes:

  • V2.0 is downward compatible with previous versions.
  • CPU can reduced by selecting a lower quality in ‘setup’.

FireBird is available as a free VST plug-in for Windows at Tone2 website.

Tek’it Audio updates Genobazz bass synthesizer plug-in to 2.3.1

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Tek’it Audio has announced the release of Genobazz v2.3.1. This new update of Genobazz focuses on user interface improvements. Genobazz 2 is a free monophonic bass synthesizer plug-in, using it you can create sound ranging from simple bass, drum kick and complex wobble to acid bass line.

Genobazz 2

 Changes in Genobazz 2.3.1:

  • Performance options are now saved with the preset.
  • GUI Modified screen color to gray.
  • GUI Moved info, social and help buttons next to the Tek’it Audio logo.
  • GUI Improved random and Undo icons.
  • GUI Improved performance options (Bend range, Env retrigger, Priority) selector.
  • GUI updated the info screen.
  • User Manual updated.

Genobazz 2.3.1 is available for free as VST plug-in for Windows at Tek’it Audio.

Mildon Studios releases HUE-X 2.0 graphic equalizer and M4GIQ 4-band multi-fx as freeware

July 10, 2013 in News with 2 Comments

Mildon Studios has re-released two of their Windows VST plugins, HUE-X and M4GIQ, as freeware.

HUE-X is perfect EQ for those who trust their ears or just love to experiment with sound. It is designed to let you bring out what you want in the sound instantly and with much ease. Now you can control different characteristics of the sound without having to deal with the obscurity of traditional EQ’s.

M4GIQ is a 4-band multi-fx plugin that lets you apply Gain, Panning, and Delay to each frequency band. This is extremely useful for spreading frequencies across the stereo image, making it easier for the sound to cut through.

M4GIQ is a 4-band multi-fx plug-in.

M4GIQ is a 4-band multi-fx plug-in.

HUE-X and M4GIQ are available for free as VST plug-in for Windows at Mildon Studios.

Sonigen Modular synthesizer plug-in updated to v0.9.225

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Sonigen has updated Sonigen Modular a free modular synthesizer plug-in to v0.9.225.

Sonigen Modular allows the user to connect individual modules together to form a preset or “patch”. This gives you great  freedom in designing the overall signal flow and structure and hence the actual sound that is produced. Sonigen Modular is a true modular in that there are no arbitrary limits on the number or type of modules you can use in your patch.

Sonigen Modular

Sonigen Modular is a modular software synthesizer plug-in.

Changes in Sonigen Modular v0.9.225:

  • A new Chorus effect with 3 separate modes.
  • Generalized controller module. One module for keytrack, modwheel, MIDI CC, etc.
  • LFO sync to song.
  • A bunch of bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Sonigen Modular is available for free as VST plug-in for Windows at Sonigen.

Cescato Musiktechnologie updates Trans Computer Maschine synthesizer to v1.30

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Cescato Musiktechnologie has released version 1.30 of Trans Computer Maschine plug-in for Windows, a freeware Semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer + Pattern Sequencer modeled after two legendary mono synths and a custom analog sequencer from Germany.

Trans Computer Maschine is a semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer

Trans Computer Maschine is a semi-modular Vintage Lead Synthesizer

New features include:

– Added ‘Envelopes’ gate input indicators.
– Added ‘Filter Cutoff Link’ switch for band-pass use.
– Added ‘Filter’ modulation indicators.
– Added ‘inverted Seq Cnt’ modulation sources.
– Added labels to Sequencer ‘Skip’ buttons.
– Added middle position ‘Preset’ for Sequencer interval row.
– Added ‘MIDI Ch. Router’. input indicators.
– Added mixer ‘Oscillators Waveform’ selection from GUI images.
– Improved Sequencer transport section featuring status display.

Trans Computer Maschine is available for free as VST plug-in for Windows here.

YummyBeats updates Massive Evolutions Free

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Massive Evolutions Free

Massive Evolutions Free

YummyBeats have updated the Massive Evolutions Free library and added 15 new presets for Massive.

New automatable Basses and Leads with an analogue and warm character. Plus some creepy, destructive and nice Soundscapes.

This Library contains 480 MByte of Sounds for Kontakt and additional presets for Massive from the Massive Evolutions. A selection of heavy & wobbling Basses, cutting & toxic Leads, Arpeggio-Synths, FX, recorded in numerous variations which can be affected by Key-Switches (Kontakt) or the pre-programmed Knobs (Massive)

Massive Evolutions Free is available for free for Windows and Mac OS X at YummyBeats.