MAGIX updates Independence Free sampler workstation to v3.1

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Independence Free sampler workstation

Independence Free sampler workstation

Magix has updated Independence Free plug-in to v3.1. The new version 3.1. also has 64-bit Mac OS X interfaces for VST plug-ins, Audio Units and standalone devices.

Independence Free combines virtual instrument technology, premium sound libraries and the Independence Sampler Workstation into one unique software solution

  • Based on the powerful Independence Audio Engine
  • Audio import support for up to 25 audio files. Load your own sounds into Independence Free and create your own instruments!
  • VST effect plug-in import: you can now load 3rd party VST effect plug-ins into Independence Free!
  • As well as VST, AU and Standalone now the RTAS interface is also available for Mac and Windows
  • Virtual keyboard, Time-Stretching & Pitch Shifting, E-License Instruments compatibility as well as all other features that are found in Independence
  • No time or memory restrictions
  • Commercial use allowed
  • For Mac OS X 10.6 (Universal Binary), Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit)

Independence Free is available as VST/AU/RTAS plug-in for 32 & 64 bit Windows and Mac OS X at Magix.

ExperimentalScene updates DGenR8 free drum machine to v4.0.7

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DGenR8 drum machine

DGenR8 drum machine

ExperimentalScene has updated DGenR8 plugin to v4.0.7. DGenR8 is a free, virtual analog drum machine in the style of Roland’s TR Series, in particular the Roland TR-909, with 11 voices and controls that mimic the TR-909. All voices are completely synthesized using digital algorithms that model the operation of analog circuitry within a drum machine so they sound authentic and are easily tweaked using the controls.

Changes in DGenR8:

  • Fixed a bug in DGenR8 VST which caused the VST Host to crash when the amount of samples processed per block were changed by the host.

DGenR8 is available to download for free as a VST plugin for Windows at ExperimentalScene.

Inear Display updates SicknDstroy lo-fi effect to v1.1

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Inear Display has released version 1.1 of SicknDstroy, bringing a multimode pre-filter and a new user interface to the freeware lo-fi effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

SicknDstroy multimode lo-fi effect

SicknDstroy multimode lo-fi effect

SicknDstroy features:

  • Pre Filter with lowpass, highpass and bandpass modes.
  • 4 processing modes:
    • bitcrushing and samplerate reduction are chained (classic mode).
    • bitcrusher and samplerate reducer outputs are separated and mixed together.
    • bitcrusher and samplerate reducer outputs are separated and ring-modulating.
    • samplerate reducer output is subtracted from bitcrusher output.
  • Mix switch to combine the processed signal and the unfiltered part of the input signal.

SicknDstroy is available for free as a VST/AU plug-in for 32/64 bit Windows and Mac OS at Inear Display.

Comelody releases Melodo a free musical phrase sequencer plug-in

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Melodo Sequencer

Comelody has announced the release of Melodo, which is described as “the first platform for instantly browsing short musical phrases”.

Available for free as a VST and Audio Unit plug-in for Windows and Mac OS X, Melodo enables composers to rapidly explore countless musical phrases (such as bass-line, lead, and percussion loops) contributed by other users.

Since the composing process is derivative in its nature, Melodo seeks to expose the composer to as many musical phrases as possible in order to build a bank of ideas from which to draw inspiration for new and innovative music.

Each musical phrase in Melodo can be played by itself or together with an existing composition. It can also be altered using Melodo’s fully functional sequencer. Melodo has its own internal synthesizer as well as the ability to use external plug-ins for the creation of new musical phrases.

Composers can comment on a musical phrase, create variations of a musical phrase or share a completely new one.

Melodo aims to create the largest dynamic collection of musical phrases that will contribute to the creation of new and innovative music.

Melodo features:

  • DAW synchronization.
  • Internal synthesizer.
  • Full Featured sequencer.
  • Can host other VST / Audio Unit plug-ins.
  • Advanced search filtering.

Melodo is avialable for free as a VST/AU plugin for Mac OS X and WIndows at Comelody.

Beat releases Waldorf Drums sound library for Zampler

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Waldorf Drums by BeatBeat has released a free sound library of 10 drum kits patches for their free sample player Zampler. The 40 MB sound library provides sounds made with Waldorf synthesizers Microwave, Blofeld and Attack.

Zampler is a sample workstation plug-in developed by Synapse Audio for Beat magazine. Available for WIndows and Mac OS X in VST/AU format.

Waldorf Drums Sound-Kit for Zampler is available for free at Beat Facebook.

Terry West releases Masquarade Master Channel EQ v1.1 beta

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Terry West has released version 1.1 beta of Masquarade, a free master channel equalizer with Mid/Side mode.

Masquarades master channel EQ with Mid/Side mode

Masquarades master channel EQ with Mid/Side mode

Masquarade features:

  • Bypass.
  • Separate left/right (mid/side) output gain.
  • 4 bands for left/right.
  • 11 freq for each band.
  • 5 LP/HP filters for each side.
  • Stereo or MS EQ modus.
  • On/off per band.
  • Boost/cut per band.
  • Solo listen for Mid/Side mode.
  • Output Stereo meters with peak hold.
  • 23 presets.

Masquarade is available to download for free as a  VST for Windows at Terry West.