Voxengo updates Marvel GEQ, Overtone GEQ, Stereo Touch, Tube Amp free audio plug-ins

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Overtone GEQ

Overtone GEQ

Updated Voxengo Marvel GEQ v1.2, Voxengo Overtone GEQ v1.10, Voxengo Stereo Touch v2.5, Voxengo Tube Amp v2.4 freeware audio plug-ins are now available for download.  These plug-ins are available in AudioUnit and VST plug-in formats (including native 64-bit support), for Mac OS X (v10.5 and later), and Windows computers.

These updated plug-ins are now available in native 64-bit AudioUnit and VST formats on Mac OS X.  Note that on Mac computers, these plug-ins now support Mac OS X v10.5 and higher only, running on Intel processors.  Mac PowerPC support is not available.

These updated versions include a fix to the previously available graphics display issue on Mac OS X 10.8.

Marvel GEQ is a linear-phase 16-band graphic equalizer AU and VST plugin with multi-channel operation support (supporting up to 8 input/output channels, audio host application-dependent).  Marvel GEQ offers extensive internal channel routing capabilities, and supports mid/side channel processing.

Overtone GEQ is 7-band harmonic (overtone) graphic equalizer AU and VST plugin with multi-channel operation support (supporting up to 8 input/output channels, host setup-dependent).  Overtone GEQ offers extensive internal channel routing capabilities, and supports mid/side channel processing.

Stereo Touch is a professional audio AU and VST plugin implements a classic technique of transforming a monophonic track into spacious stereophonic track by means of mid/side coding technique.

Tube Amp is an audio effect AU and VST plugin that applies asymmetric tube triode overdrive usually found in single-tube microphone pre-amp boxes.  The sound this plug-in produces varies from a mild “warm” overdrive to a fuzzy distortion.

These updates pro audio plug-ins can be downloaded for free at Voxengo.

Beat releases MiniNova soundbank for Zampler

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Mininova soundset for ZamplerBeat has released a sampleset of twenty exclusive Novation MiniNova patches for their free sample player Zampler, created by the sound guru Marco Scherer. The 120 MB sound library provides an insight into the impressive sound spectrum of Novation mini synthesizer that has the same sound engine as UltraNova, covering dub basses, hybrid sounds, synth pop leads and glassy atmospheres.

Zampler is a sample workstation plug-in developed by Synapse Audio for Beat magazine. Available for WIndows and Mac OS X in VST/AU format.

MiniNova Sound-Kit for Zampler is available for free at

Samsara Cycle Audio releases SAW a free saw wave synthesizer plug-in

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Samsara Cycle Audio has announced the release of SAW a free virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows dedicated to saw waveform.

SAW wave synthesizer

free SAW wave synthesizer

SAW features:

  • 4 Pitch controls with selectable ‘feet’ switch in the range of 32′ 16′ 8′ 4′ 2′.
  • Cutoff Resonance with individual level controls.
  • Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass and Q settings.
  • Glide.
  • Mono/Poly selector.
  • Filter and AMP section LFO Level Controls.
  • ADSR envelopes for amp and filter.
  • LFO with selectable host sync.
  • Flanger effect.
  • Midi Learn.

SAW is available to download for free as a VST plug-in for WIndows at Samsara Cycle Audio

Solcito Música releases Preset bank 2 for SuperTron 2.0

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SuperTron 2 virtual analog instrument

SuperTron 2.0 is a synthesizer with step modulator

Solcito Música has released Preset bank 2 for SuperTron 2.0. This free bank for SuperTron 2.0 has 30 presets that includes analog pianos, analog strings and some new sequences.

SuperTron is a Virtual Analog Synthesizer with Step Modulator that generates sequences typical of the 70s and 80s, Dance, Trance, percussion, analog strings and other retro sounds. It has functions for live performance, allowing changes in several controls with one click. The Step Modulator has 4 “scenes” that work as sub-presets of quick access. The filters bring special features for working in the stereo panorama spectrum. The “Vintager” effect generates vintage warmth to the sound.

Preset bank 2 is available for free at Solcito Música.


Prosoniq updates NorthPole AU virtual analog filter to v1.2.5

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NorthPole 4-Pole filter

NorthPole 4-Pole filter

Prosoniq has updated the free 4-pole filter plugin NorthPole AU to version 1.2.5.

NorthPole is a free effects plug in for AudioUnit compatible applications on the Macintosh. It adds a fully programmable virtual analog filter with resonance, envelope follower and an integrated post-filter digital delay to your audio production environment.

Changes in NorthPole v1.2.5:

  • Code clean-up and Mountain Lion testing.
  • Minor UI changes.

NorthPole is available for free as a AU plugin for Mac OS X at Prosoniq.

MeldaProduction updates MDrummer Small drum machine to version 4.04

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Mdrummer Small free drum machine

Mdrummer Small free drum machine

MeldaProduction has updated MDrummer Small to version 4.04. The new version adds two effects, optimizes the analysis engine and delays, adds a virtual keyboard and more.

MDrummer Small is the lightest version of MDrummer. It does not contain drumset editor nor rhythm editor nor rhythm generator. However it contains several drumsets and rhythms and it is FREE!

Changes in MDrummer version 4.04:

  • Added MStereoGenerator and MStereoScope effects.
  • Sonogram highly optimized in all analyzers and smoothness doesn’t have effect on it anymore.
  • Delay lines optimization.
  • Added virtual keyboard to all edits.
  • Phase of all oscillators can now be adjusted directly by dragging the graph or fine-tune using mouse-wheel.
  • Improved user interface layout of some plugins.
  • MSampler and MMultiSampler delay range extended to 1000ms.
  • Fix: Load drumset presets in loop editors didn’t work.
  • Fix: Sample library analysis and import produced “silence” drum volume making resulting drums silent.
  • Fix: Progress dialogs weren’t showing with correct graphics.
  • Fix: Compatibility issues, mainly with Live.
  • Fix: Windows couldn’t minimize MDrummer from taskbar.
  • Fix: MDrummer could crash on 64-bit platforms in projects exceeding 4GB.
  • Fix: Pitch-bend hasn’t been detected accurately.
  • Fix: File dialogs didn’t update list of files when predefined folders or drives have been selected.

MDrummer Small is available to download for free as a VST/VST3/AU plugin for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows and Mac OS X at MeldaProduction.