Tek’it Audio updates RECsoprano recorder instrument to 1.1

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RECsoprano recorder VST plug-inTek’it Audio has announced the release of a new update for their soprano recorder instrument plug-in RECsoprano.

RECsoprano is a free soprano recorder plugin instrument developed in collaboration with the musician Mihai Sorohan. RECsoprano 1.1 come with a bug fixed on the MIDI side, many optimizations and a small refresh of the user interface.

RECsoprano is available for free as a VST plug-in for windows.

Changes in RECsoprano 1.1:

  • BUG only MIDI channel 1 work resolved
  • Many optimizations
  • GUI cleaner layout
  • GUI added icons on menu and controls
  • Moved Randomize and Undo on main screen
  • User manual updated

Full Bucket Music updates Mono/Fury to v1.0.6 incl. 64-bit

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Full Bucket Music has updated Mono/Fury to version 1.0.6, which is now available as a 64-bit version for Microsoft Windows x64.

The Mono/Fury is a VST™2.4 software synthesizer plug-in for Microsoft Windows® (both 32 and 64 bit) emulating the classic KORG Mono/Poly® analog synthesizer of the early 1980’s.
Mono/Fury an emulation of Korg Mono/Poly

Mono/Fury plug-in emulating the classic KORG Mono/Poly® analog synthesizer

Mono/Fury is available to download as a free VST plugin for Windows at Full Bucket Music.

Changes in version 1.0.6:

  • Added 64-bit version.
  • Fixed Zipper noise issue.
  • Fixed pitch problem for low portamento times.
  • Fixed MG bug (MGs did not start immediately after loading).

Syncersoft releases Resonator VST effect

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SyncerSoft has released Resonator, a free virtual effect plug-in for Windows.

Resonator is resonance and morph effect designed to deliver the clear, penetrating sounds favoured by live musicians. It’s ideal for use in trance, dance, techno, dubstep, electronica, drum n bass, big beat, dub, reggae and all other styles. LFO modulation sections was designed specialy for Dubstep genre but can be used in other styles too of course.

Syncersof Resonator effect plugin

Syncersoft Resonator

The plug-in is free to download as a VST for Windows at Syncersoft.

Emerge Audio releases Rage soundset for Ichiro Toda Synth1

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Emerge Audio has announced the release of Rage, a soundset of 40 presets for Synth1 soft synth. Consists of dubstep style wobbles, heavy basses, arps and others.

Synth1 Rage soundset

Rage is free to download at Emerge Audio (no registration required).

ToneBytes releases Lo-Fizer VST Effect

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lo-fizer lo-fi vst plugin effect

10 lo-fi devices in one vst plugin effect

ToneBytes has released Lo-Fizer, a free VST effect plug-in for Windows designed to add some nice lo-fi effects to your recordings for a variety of artistic techniques.

There are a total of 10 lo-fi devices which are decorated in a rack units:

  • Vinyl – produces vinyl cracks and pops
  • Hum – produces adjustable low frequency hum
  • Hiss – produces warm adjustable high frequency hiss
  • Monoizer – stereo to mono converter
  • Speaker Sim – simple preset based speaker simulator
  • Lo-Bit – bit-crasher simulator
  • Crusher – resampler simulator
  • Vowel – simple vowel filter
  • GLS – vocal remover that uses mid-side technique

You can combine up to 4 devices in the rack. With just a few clicks you can select a combination of effects and create the desired sound.

The built-in preset manager makes it easy to save the settings and quickly access them or share them with other Lo-Fizer users.

In addition, VST automation and full MIDI Learning are supported.

Lo-Fizer is available to download for free as a VST plug-in for Windows at ToneBytes.

Tek’it Audio updates Genobazz to v2.2 and releases free Hypnagogia Expansion

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Genobazz 2 bass synth plug-in

Genobazz 2.2 VST

Tek’it Audio has announced the updates of Genobazz, their free bass synthesizer plug-in, to version 2.2 and the release of a free expansion.

The new update of Genobazz has some bugs fixed, a new band pass filter, some minor improvements on the GUI and each envelope (MSEG) can now have negative values to create even more complex modulations. This update come with 2 new presets demonstrating the improved MSEG.

And to further enhance your Genobazz 2 experience the Hypnagogia Expansion is available as a free download. Hypnagogia Expansion is a bank of presets crafted by Goran Mrganic, a producer from Serbia known as Hypnagogia, who’s been mainly involved in the Goa and Psychedelic Trance scene.

Genobazz 2 is available to download for free as a VST plug-in for Windows. “Hypnagogia Expansion” is available to download for Facebook fans of Tek’it Audio.