Solcito Música releases Preset bank 2 for SuperTron 2.0

September 18, 2012 in News, Presets with 0 Comments
SuperTron 2 virtual analog instrument

SuperTron 2.0 is a synthesizer with step modulator

Solcito Música has released Preset bank 2 for SuperTron 2.0. This free bank for SuperTron 2.0 has 30 presets that includes analog pianos, analog strings and some new sequences.

SuperTron is a Virtual Analog Synthesizer with Step Modulator that generates sequences typical of the 70s and 80s, Dance, Trance, percussion, analog strings and other retro sounds. It has functions for live performance, allowing changes in several controls with one click. The Step Modulator has 4 “scenes” that work as sub-presets of quick access. The filters bring special features for working in the stereo panorama spectrum. The “Vintager” effect generates vintage warmth to the sound.

Preset bank 2 is available for free at Solcito Música.


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