Terry West releases Masquarade Master Channel EQ v1.1 beta

September 21, 2012 in Featured, News with 0 Comments

Terry West has released version 1.1 beta of Masquarade, a free master channel equalizer with Mid/Side mode.

Masquarades master channel EQ with Mid/Side mode

Masquarades master channel EQ with Mid/Side mode

Masquarade features:

  • Bypass.
  • Separate left/right (mid/side) output gain.
  • 4 bands for left/right.
  • 11 freq for each band.
  • 5 LP/HP filters for each side.
  • Stereo or MS EQ modus.
  • On/off per band.
  • Boost/cut per band.
  • Solo listen for Mid/Side mode.
  • Output Stereo meters with peak hold.
  • 23 presets.

Masquarade is available to download for free as a  VST for Windows at Terry West.

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