Xenobioz updates Lektro phase distortion synthesizer to v1.1

January 22, 2013 in News with 0 Comments

Xenobioz has updated Lektro a Phase Distortion Synthesizer to version 1.1. Most sections of the synth can be modulated with any of the LFOs, ADSRs or the Randomizer. Usually a section can be modulated by two LFOs/Randomizer and only one ADSR. With 3 separate sliders for each. The LFOs/Randomizer can be connected parallel or in series.

Lektro is a Phase Distortion Synthesizer.

Lektro is a Phase Distortion Synthesizer.

Changes in Lektro v1.1:

  • Now a normal stereo out plug-in instead of multi out.

Lektro is available for free as VST plug-in for Windows at Xenobioz.

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